The story of OverDrive IT starts with our founder and CEO, John Schultz. He began his technology career 1987 as a custom application programmer on IBM’s midrange platform.
John’s job was to customize manufacturing applications that ran on those systems to fit a variety of unique business requirements. Back then, if you were a small manufacturer, the cost to run and maintain IBM software required a significant investment and many small business owners just couldn’t afford it. That all changed in the early 90’s with the advent of Microsoft Windows Server and a maturing PC hardware platform. ERP systems developed for Windows could be deployed for a fraction of what it cost to purchase and deploy an IBM system. This leveled the playing field for the small business owner. In 1992, John and his brother started a consulting company focused on helping manufacturers deploy and customize ERP systems that run on Windows networks. However, the promise of client-server technologies proved to be a maintenance nightmare, with Windows blue screens and PC’s that were always crashing and having problems. By the end of 1998, John and his brother had grown the business into a $13 million dollar company with over 130 employees. In December of 1998, they sold the company, and in 2000, John started P3Logic, now OverDrive IT, for the sole purpose of addressing the challenges and problems associated with managing and maintaining a Windows network infrastructure.

Today, OverDrive IT has matured into a full-service IT managed service provider. We are focused on delivering highly responsive IT services and support through a team of experienced IT professionals that are easy to communicate with and have a proven track record of getting the job done right on the first try. We strive to earn the trust and satisfaction of our clients by practicing radical truth and radical transparency. As a trusted technology partner with nearly 20 years of proven experience, we can help you identify and remove the obstacles and roadblocks that are dragging your operations down by empowering your organization with the right-fit strategies, technologies, and resources to make you more productive and ultimately more profitable.

By shifting to OverDrive IT, we guarantee we can decrease your organizational drag and increase your operational efficiencies allowing you to accomplish more with less effort; able to run more efficiently at higher speeds; and that’s what we call “Technology Traction for Business”.


Our Team

John E. Schultz (President & CEO)

As President and founder of OverDrive IT, Mr. Schultz has over 30 years of Information Technology expertise in the areas of business development, project management, networking, e-business architecture and systems communications.

Ken Johnson (Service Desk Manager)

Head of Service Desk, Mr. Johnson has been delivering managed services for over 15 years. Certified in ITIL for IT Service Management and HIPAA compliance, his passion is guiding operations big and small to "make practical from technical" with emphasis that people should enjoy the support experience.

Markus Lawson (Service Desk Technician)

Markus brings 10 years of IT experience from small to large managed service providers. He holds certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, Dell, and Cisco. Passionate about technology and people, Markus takes complicated IT issues and brings them down to simple solutions for clients.

Sarah Leonard (Service Desk Technician)

Sarah is an experienced desktop support technician with a passion for customer service. Her insatiable curiosity and love of language allow her to make highly technical concepts accessible to users of all knowledge levels. She is pursuing certifications from Cisco and currently holds two Associate's Degrees; one in Russian Studies and one in Health Informatics.

Rudi Haggard (Service Desk Technician)

For the past 15 years, Rudi has implemented and supported a wide range of technology and online solutions for businesses in the financial, manufacturing, hospitality and professional sectors. Rudi keeps himself well-informed with the latest offensive Cybersecurity strategies to combat cyber threats and to strengthen enterprises' security posture.

Patrick Woelfel (Sales & Marketing Associate)

Patrick brings a fresh perspective on marketing and selling in the 21st century. He has over 5 years of experience within the marketing field coming from a large global company in the Chicagoland area.